Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter is a game that has been around for years. This is a relaxing game that can keep you busy especially if you are having a boring time. Different versions of this game have been released throughout the years by different game developers. However, these various game versions basically have the same goal. Your aim is to clear the game board of all the bubbles to complete the level. You will then move on to the next level to clear the stage. There are usually 90 levels to complete for this game. Most versions have all levels available for free, while other versions have premium worlds or stages that can be unlocked by paying.


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The classic Bubble Shooter game can be played online for free. Applications to play this game are also available on various devices including iPhone, iPod and Android. This makes it possible for those who love this game to bring it with them everywhere they go and play when they feel like it or during break. Some versions, like Bubble Shooter 2,   have various background themes that make the game even more enjoyable. Furthermore, different bubble designs are used including candies, smiley and faces. They are colorful so they are fun to see.


Most of the levels of this game have unlimited time so you can take your time strategizing where to aim your shoot. There will be a bubble at the bottom part of the screen that will be used to shoot the bubbles on game board. Aim on the bubbles that have the same color as the one that is used for shooting. If three or more bubbles of the same color come together, they will disappear. If there are bubbles with different color that are connected to them, which are placed below any of them, they will also disappear.


Each matching bubble will give you 10 points while those that have different colors that have been disconnected from the bubbles on the game board will give you a massive 100 points for each. That is 10 times more than the points that you can get from the matching color bubbles. You will also get bonus points for popping the same color of bubbles on successive shoots. The score that you will get can be multiplied several times depending on the chain. Though the graphics of this game can be lively, there is no background music to listen to. However, the good side for this is that you can play the music that you like while playing.


There are background sounds though when you shoot the bubble, pop bubbles and clear stages. The volume can be adjusted to your preference. You can disable this option of you want or you can max the sound if you would like to experience the game to the highest level. Though the game is repetitive in nature, the different formation of the bubbles makes each level different from the other levels. This will require you to think on which bubbles to shoot to clear the stage. If the bubbles filled the game board, the game will end and you need to start all over again.