Bubble Shooter flash

Flash games have small sizes so they can easily be played online as well as install on computers and devices. There are several of these games available including cooking, dress up and action games. One of the all time favorites is the Bubble Shooter flash game. This game can be played online. There are several free game sites that offer this without a cost. The only challenge is that you need to have stable Internet connectivity to avoid experiencing any problems on the game. Other than that, you will be in for a great fun.

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This Bubble Shooter flash game can also be downloaded from the web then installed on the computer. There are mobile versions of this game that you can download on your device. Make sure that you download the right version for your computer or gadget to ensure that you can experience playing the game to the fullest. After the download is complete, install the file and you can play the game even when not connected to the Internet. There are 90 levels to complete, which gets harder as the level goes higher. To complete each stage and move on to the next round, clear all the bubbles that you see on the screen. They will have different formations on each level.


The first few levels will basically have layers of bubbles filling half of the screen. When three or more same colored bubbles come together, they will explode and disappear on the screen. There will be a bubble with arrow at the center of the bottom part of the screen that you need to shoot. Find bubbles on the outer layer of the bubble formation that matches the bubble with arrow. If the bubble sticks to two or more bubbles of the same color, that will make up your 3 colored bubbles, which is the minimum number of bubbles that you need to stick together to burst. Each bubble that explodes will give you 10 points. So exploding more bubbles at once will give you huge points.


If there are two bubbles of the same color on the outer layer of the structure, but the bubble that you will use for shooting is a different color, avoid shooting bubbles that have matching colors on the structure. This will allow you to shoot them when the right color of bubble appears for shooting. If there is one bubble on the outer layer that matches the color that you are shooting, aim on that bubble so you can start forming the right color combination.


You need to strategize on where to shoot to prevent the layer of bubbles from getting to the bottom. If it reaches the bottom of the screen, your game will be over. The classic and free version of the game do not have a save option. So if your game ends, you need to start from the beginning and try to complete the level that you were not able to complete to have the chance to play the next level. You can be on the high scorers list though you need to register to avail of this option. Registration is free so you don’t have to pay anything for the registration.