Bubble Shooter game

The Bubble Shooter game is a fun and easy game to play. The rules are simple and anyone, whether young or old, can learn how to play this without a problem. There are different versions of this game and they can be played online, installed on computers and devices like iPad and mobile phones. The main goal for this game is to clear all the bubbles that appear on the screen. The classic version of the Bubble Shooter game uses bubbles that look like marbles. There are 6 different colors of marbles that you will see on the game including yellow, red, green, blue, pink and light blue. Other versions use different bubble styles like gifts, candies and animal faces.


There are special versions that were created for special occasions like Christmas. For the Christmas edition of this game, the theme is all about the holiday. Instead of regular bubbles, candy canes, gifts and Christmas trees are used as bubbles. Some games have plain backgrounds. However, if you love colorful and fun graphics, you may find versions that have different background themes as well. They can make the game even more fun as you will see different backgrounds on each stage.


There are bubble games that are available for free and there are those that can be played for a cost. Most of the paid games have trial versions so you have the opportunity to play them before deciding if you will pay to continue playing or not. The classic online game is available for free. So if you want to have fun without spending anything, search for this game. The options are minimal on the classic version but it is enough to keep you engaged on the game as you will find yourself wanting to pop all the bubbles on the next level. If you fail, you will feel the urge to play it again to clear the stage that you were not able to complete on your last game. But since the classic version has no save features, you need to start from the first level if your game ends.


You can change the background color on the classic game by adjusting the color sliders on the game option. However, there are no themes so that is basically how you can customize your game. Like the other versions, there is no background music to play to accompany the bubble popping action. However, you will be able to hear distinct sounds when you shoot the bubbles, when you successfully burst some and when you clear the stage.


To burst the bubbles, match at least 3 bubbles with the same color by aiming on them. There will be a bubble at the bottom of the screen that has an arrow. Move your mouse to where you want to shoot and the arrow will move as well. If using gadgets like iPad, tap on the screen to the direction where you want to shoot and the bubble will automatically go there. Avoid bubbles from filling the screen or the game will end. If you shoot and no bubbles burst, one of the 5 silver bubbles at the bottom of the screen will disappear. When all of the silver bubbles disappear because of your misses, another layer of bubbles will be added to the structure.