Bubble Shooter Online

Bubble shooter addicts and those that are starting to play the game can enjoy playing it without the need for download and installation. As long as you have computer with Internet connection or Internet enabled device, you can play this addicting game for free. There are many game websites that offer different kinds of flash games without a cost, including Bubble Shooter online. This is a great way to make your day even more exciting. This can also be a good way to take a break if you are feeling stressed from work or school projects. As long as your Internet connection is working fine, you will be able to enjoy playing the game without any issues.

There are various versions of Bubble Shooter online though the classic version is the most popular. However, you can still search around for other versions if you want to see other variations of the game. The classic version has simple interface and graphics. It has colorful structure of bubbles on each level of the game. To complete each level, your aim is to pop all the bubbles by making at least three matching colored bubbles come together. Shooting bubbles that do not match will add up to the structure causing it to go lower. If the bubbles reach the bottom of the game screen, that will be the end of the game.

This will not be easy as the bubbles on the game screen will have varying colors. You need to think carefully on where to shoot to prevent filling the screen with bubbles. There will be 7 bubbles at the bottom of the screen. The rightmost bubble with an arrow is the bubble that you will use for shooting. Aim on the bubbles that have the same color as this to have the chance to pop them out.

The five silver bubbles on its left side are the number of misses that you can make before another layer of bubbles will be added on the screen. When you shoot a bubble and none of the bubbles on the structure pops, one of the silver bubbles will be removed. Each time you miss, another bubble will explode. When all the five silver bubbles explode, a layer of bubbles will be added on the game screen, making it more risky for the bubbles to reach the bottom.

The good news is that most of the levels of the game has unlimited playing time. This means that you do not have to rush on your shoot so you have better chances of completing the stage. However, not all of the stages have unlimited time. Some of them are time pressured. These are random levels so you will never know if the next level that you will play has limited time. If you are on the limited time level, make sure to think fast and shoot quickly. If you see that the bubble that you will shoot does not have any matching bubbles, shoot somewhere else avoiding those that have two matching colors sticking together. Also, avoid those lines that are lower than the others. Check on the bubble located on the leftmost side of the screen. This will tell you the next color of bubble that you will use in shooting. Use this in making your decision on where to shoot the current bubble.