Play Bubble Shooter

Are you looking for a simple yet fun game that can keep you occupied for hours? The bubble shooter game is one of the games that you should try. The game play is easy to understand so even if you are not a pro in playing games, you will not have a hard time following the instructions. The good thing about this game is that you have several options on how to play it, plus it is also available in different versions. You can play Bubble Shooter on the web, on your computer or on compatible devices like Android mobile phones and iPad.




The classic version of this game has different colors of marble looking bubbles. The newer versions make use of more fun bubbles like hearts, cupcakes, candies and cute faces. Furthermore, the background of the classic version is plain, which you can only change in color. The backgrounds of newer versions have various fun themes. The graphics of the latest versions of Bubble Shooter may be more attractive, stylish and colorful than the classic version; however, the general rule of the game remains the same. The classic version is available for free while most of the upgraded versions can be played for a certain price. Other versions have free levels while some of their unlockable levels can only be accessed by paying the cost.

It is up to you whether you want to play Bubble Shooter online, on your PC or on your device. Whether you play the classic or the newer version, you will have a great time on this game that you will find yourself spending several hours playing this. This is an addicting game so beware as you may find it difficult to stop trying to complete a level that you were not able to clear.

The main goal for this game is to clear the bubbles on the game window and prevent them from reaching the bottom of the screen. If you were not able to clear them and the game window fills up with bubbles, then the game will be over. Unfortunately, the classic version does not have any save option. So if you failed to clear a certain stage and you want to try completing it, you have to start from the first level going to that stage.

To pop the bubbles, shoot on the bubbles aiming to match those that have the same color. Three or more bubbles with the same color that come together will pop giving you some points. The more bubbles you pop the higher score you will get. Those bubbles with different color that get disconnected from the bubble structure when bubbles of the same color pop, will give you more points. For instance, if you were able to pop a group of pink bubbles and a red bubble is connected on no other bubbles but the pink ones, it will pop together will the pink bubbles. While the pink bubbles will give you 10 points each, the red bubble will give you 100 points. To make it easier for you to strategize on your game, always check on the next bubble that you will use in shooting, which is located on the lower left side of the game window.